Know Permissions & Restriction on Pinewood Reservoir Colorado

Camping is an awesome experience in the lap of nature. When you are camping on some paradise location, your morale is on the extreme level, and you can have unforgettable experience of your life.

Camping in United States

In the United States, there are numerous paradise locations and many of these are used for camping activities. Recreational camping is a quite popular year-round activity in this country. Many people love to spend their vacation or long weekend with their family on some camping site. The U.S. National Park Service has made adequate arrangements for campers. The camping sites don’t have amenities, but the concerned authorities offer all necessary support to campers and hikers. The log huts and cabins have been erected on few camping sites, but visitors are required to carry camping gear for amenities needed on theses sites. Most people look for best camping sites, maybe the site is away from their home location, but camping experience is always more on this site.

Pinewood Reservoir in Colorado

Pinewood Reservoir is one of the preferred camping locations west of Flatiron Reservoir, southwest of Loveland, Colorado, and northwest of Carter Lake, Berthoud, Colorado. This is a 100-acre reservoir encircled by 327 acres of public lands, and a breathtaking site between the mountains at 6,580 feet in elevation, which is ideal location for camping, kayaking and fishing. Pinewood Reservoir is open year-round, but camping is not an open activity here.

Pinewood Reservoir permissions and restrictions

The visitors arriving here for camping require entrance and camping permits from appropriate authority. Larimer County manages recreation on this site. There are certain restrictions on this reservoir that are to complied with by the visitors. The visitors can use only stand-up paddleboards, sailboards, windsurfer boards, float tubes, canoes, belly boats, hand-launched rafts, and kayaks. Any trailered watercraft and or watercraft operated by any sort of motor is not permitted on Pinewood Reservoir.

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