The word “토토” is nowhere in the English dictionary because this word is used in Japanese and Korean languages for fish and internet gambling. 토토 is online gambling in Korean language, but it has special reference to sports betting. In South Korea, many sports are included in this type of betting, but popular ones are basically ball games such as soccer, baseball and basketball. Though horse racing is also popular for online betting, yet it is not included in the category of sports.

Scene of 토토 in South Korea

The scene of online betting emerged in South Korea after regulation of online gambling activities. Playing gambling games by Koreans even in any other country was considered as a serious crime. Prior to Government’s intervention, people were scared to gamble not mainly because they could be caught by the police but due to lack of faith on the gambling or betting sites. The websites made existence without approval of the South Korean Government that involved a big risk in gambling or betting activities. Much has changed since the Government’s approval for these activities.

스포츠토토 in South Korea

It is easy for a Korean to gamble or bet online using a 토토사이트. People in Korea love to play online casino games, poker, and other gambling games on the internet, but there are more fans of betting on sports. Casinos made their legal entry in South Korea in 2000s, but a big push came in 2011 when gambling laws were enacted. 스포츠토토 came in South Korea in 1997, well before legalization of gambling activities. This shows that sports betting was an enthusiastic activity in South Korea regardless of its legal status.


Today, Korean people are engaged in sports betting without any fear and they enjoy this betting on internet websites without a risk of cheating. They entertain and make money from sports betting.

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